Guy Centerpole, Adventurer, Explorer, Outdoorsman, Survivalist shares here his knowledge, wit and wisdom for the betterment of mankind, and womankind.

With a keen interest in wilderness survival going back to the 70's he has the experience and know-how to tackle almost any survival situation.

From bar room survival
to surviving the
mountainous terrain of
Delmarva, he's done all of
it, or at least some of it,
or so he says.

Having been raised by
wolves should tell you
the rumors about him
and sheep are nonsense. Everyone knows wolves do not mingle with sheep.

Some think he is an ass hole, but he doesn't care and readily admits to having one. He would challenge you to go without one.


He will show you how to find food/water, use the most basic
tools and survive without much in many adverse situations.

How would you make it
if society were to
collapse? Your TV not
working, your phone
misplaced or flushed
down the toilet? What
if you actually could not
flush the toilet?? Guy can help, his plunger is always ready.

Copyright 2015-21 Guy Centerpole

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