Guy's Bio:

Guy was born to two drunken teenage parents in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. Nobody knows on exactly what day. Left to die in the woods it seems his innate ability to survive was already developing. A family of wolves who were unable to have pups adopted him as their own and raised him, teaching him the ways of the wild.

They clothed him using rags
and remnants they found
discarded in the woods and
even taught him to lick his
butt clean at an early age.

Later in life, in his teen
years he ventured out on
his own sometimes mixing
with society and learning the ways of man and how to walk upright and use tools like toilet paper. Shunned at times by his peers, perhaps due to his odor he spent most of his time alone in the woods, honing his skills.


Naturally there are only a few early pictures of Guy in his natural home environment, the wolves were not very good with cameras.  As you can imagine, details of his early childhood are very vague.
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Also, as you might expect, the wolves taught him how to be a "wolf in sheep's clothing" ... so to speak.

But he did live with "foster parents" on and off later, who remain unidentified.